jerry veldhuizen

Academie voor Beeldende Kunst Kampen

Jerry Veldhuizen (Amersfoort, April 5, 1973) graduated in 1996 at CABK in Kampen, The Netherlands. He lives and works in a former public school building in the east of The Netherlands, together with girlfriend Eva, their son Seth and daughter Elsa. Jerry also teaches painting at the ArtEZ institute of Arts in Zwolle, The Netherlands.

JERRY VELDHUIZEN – ‘Since I was young single and enraptured with the solitude of winter I decided to settle here’

Oil on canvas

200 x 220 cm, € 5.040,-

JERRY VELDHUIZEN – ‘Sunset’s parting glory’

Oil on canvas

40 x 60 cm, € 1.200,-

JERRY VELDHUIZEN – ‘The land is one great wild untidy luxuriant hothouse’

Oil on canvas

110 x 150 cm, € 3.120,-


Oil on canvas

130 x 170 cm, € 3.600,-

JERRY VELDHUIZEN – ‘It’s me against the atmosphere he says’

Oil on canvas

50 x 60 cm, € 1.320,-

JERRY VELDHUIZEN – ‘Even here in the quiet and isolation of the high barrens’

Oil on canvas

70 x 130 cm, Verkocht

JERRY VELDHUIZEN – ‘I found another and stepped forward for a better look’

Oil on canvas

40 x 40 cm, € 960,-

JERRY VELDHUIZEN – ‘Rising from her stillness almost like breathing’

Oil on canvas

50 x 60 cm, sold